La Cuenca de los ríos de piedra @ MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market

MIA|Cinema Co-Production Market is delighted to present the international film industry with 20 feature film projects from 14 Countries which were chosen by an International Selection Committee made up of Cristina Cavaliere, Finola Dwyer and Jakub Duszynski.



The selected projects will be presented to the International industry from October 19th to the 22nd in the unique setting of Palazzo Barberini, in the very center of Rome.



More than 50% of our selected projects have already become award-winning, internationally recognized films.



Alumni of Rome’s co-pro market – formerly known as New Cinema Network – include Agnieszka Holland, Sally Potter, Paddy Considine, Ritesh Batra,Clio Barnard, Jia Zhang-ke, Sheng Zhimin, Diego Lerman, Kadri Kousaar, Stephen Burke, Katarzyna Roslaniec, Sharunas Bartas, Alvaro Brechner, and of course some of the most interesting Italian talents (Laura Bispuri, Fabio Mollo, Marco Bellocchio, Franco Maresco, Manetti Bros, Elisa Fuksas, Fulvio Risuleo, Valerio Mieli, Salvatore Mereu, Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini among others).


Here all the selected projects:


The Searchers by Andreas Prochaska

Produced by Daniel Hetzer for Temper Films (AUSTRIA)


Sweet Hell Throughout the Galaxy by Fabio Baldo

Produced by Andy Malafaia for Glaz (BRAZIL)


Noah’s Ark by Sérgio Machado

Produced by Fabiano Gullane for Gullane Company (BRAZIL)


Saving One Who Was Dead by Vaclav Kadrnka

Produced by Vaclav Kadrnka  for Sirius Film (CZECH REPUBLIC)


Yalda by Massed Bakhshi 

Produced by Marianne Dumoulin for JBA Productions (IRAN)


Pablo by Enrico Maria Artale

Produced by Roberto De Paolis and Carla Altieri for Young Films (ITALY)


Caliber 9 by Renato De Maria

Produced by Angelo Barbagallo for Bibi Film (ITALY)


Durendal by Egidio Eronico

Produced by Andrea Stucovitz  for Partner Media Investment (ITALY)


The Outpost by Edoardo Morabito

Produced by Marco Alessi  for Dugong Films (ITALY)


We Are the Winners by Giovanni Piperno

Produced by Matteo GarroneGiovanni Pompili for Archimede, Kinoproduzioni (ITALY)


The Valley of Stone Rivers by Pablo Benjamin Nieto Mercado and Hugo Chávez Carbajal

Produced by Pablo Benjamin Nieto Mercado and Hugo Chávez Carvajal for Etnoscopio (MEXICO)


Patagonia by Agnieszka Zwiefka

Produced by Iza Igel for Harine Films (POLAND)


Nowhere by André Santos and Marco Leão

Produced by João Figueiras for Black Maria (PORTUGAL)


I Hate Berlin by Valentin Hotea

Produced by Ada Solomon and Diana Paroiu for Hi Film Productions (ROMANIA)


Emil by Peter Bebjak

Produced by Rastislav Šesták for D.N.A. Productions (SLOVAK REPUBLIC)


Duo by Meritxell Colell Aparicio

Produced by Nicolas Münzel CamañoNathalie Trafford for Pensilvania FilmsParaíso Production Diffusion (SPAIN)


Cork by Mikel Gurrea

Produced by Sergi Moreno for Lastor Media (SPAIN)


Madame Luna by Binyam Berhane

Produced by David Herdies for Momento Film (SWEDEN)


The Tentmaster’s Daughter by Isabel Anderton

Produced by Christine Hartland for Patchwork Productions (UK)


The Cryptozoo Debut by Dash Shaw

Produced by Kyle Martin for Electric Rhineland (USA)